AMECO Stacker for Limestone in Lebec, USA

Inspection Services keep AMECO Machines ticking

AMECO not only supplies bulk material handling equipment, we also perform regular inspections on our installations to ensure the safety and longevity of our machines. This in turn, reduces maintenance cost and prevents equipment failure.

Our Team of Engineers

Our supervision engineers are trained and experienced in all mechanicals and electrical aspects, and can provide complete refurbishments, preventative maintenance, and repairs.

Our Procedure

The general condition of the machine is checked including:

  1. Safety (switches and sensors)
  2. Movements (travelling, luffing, slewing, shuttling)
  3. Electrical (programmable logic controller (PLC), cabin, cable reel, junction box)
  4. Mechanical (conveyor, tripper car, arms)
  5. Critical Parts (motor, slewing ring)
  6. Lubrication

Our Availability

AMECO combines its first-class predictive maintenance and innovative revamping services with its superior product delivery and dedication to service Client’s needs.

AMECO’s maintenance teams are always available to our Clients for inspections of installed machines, and can often propose improvements that will benefit the daily operations of the plant.

When you require more than just maintenance, AMECO also sells made-to-order spare parts to ensure the machine is always in sound operational order.

For electrical parts, rigorous testing can be carried out on-site in Europe before delivery to the Client to save time, and ensure ease of installation.

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Revamp of CSS system for woodchips at Visy Paper, Australia

In March 2016, AMECO successfully assisted Visy Pulp with the replacement of the main slewing ring on one of the three AMECO Circular Storage Systems handling woodchips at Visy Pulp’s plant in Tumut, NSW – Australia. The three AMECO circular stacker/reclaimer machines located in Tumut, Australia have been in continuous operation since they were commissioned in 2000. The central slewing ring is a critical part that allows the rotation of the reclaimer arm and due to it’s position on the central column, supports the entire weight of the upper structure of the stacker/reclaimer, a total load of >40 tons.

The replacement of this slewing ring required disassembly of the stacker boom and the upper part of the central tower, which gave our technical specialists the opportunity to closely inspect and re-adjust all the elements of the machine.

AMECO’s maintenance teams are always available to our clients for inspections of installed machines, and can often propose improvements that will benefit the daily operations of the plant and extend the life expectancy of AMECO systems.

AMECO Circular Stacker for woodchips, Thailand

Circular stacker reclaimer (CSS) for Woodchips at Kanchanaburi, Thailand

In late 2014, AMECO delivered a circular stacker reclaimer to Siam Cellulose Co., Ltd’s pulp mill in Wangsala, Kanchanaburi province, Thailand. This is a remarkable piece of equipment, especially with regards to its size.

The capacity of the woodchip stockpile is 150 000 m3, with a pile diameter of 120 m. The machine stacks the woodchips onto this pile at a rate of 300 TPH and recovers the material from the pile at a rate of 125 TPH. These figures make the machine currently one of the largest overpile stacker-reclaimers in the world in terms of pile capacity.

Reclaiming capacity: 125 ton/h
Stacking capacity: 300 ton/h
Reclaimer arm length: 56 200 mm
Capacity of the pile: 150 000 m3

End customer : SCG Paper
Material handled : Woodchips
Industry : Pulp & paper