When large volumes of bulk material need to be stored between individual plant process steps, AMECO’s longitudinal stockyard solutions are the perfect solution.

These systems, which can be used for both indoor and outdoor application, generally have the following characteristics:

Reclaiming capacities: from 100 ton/h to 5000 ton/h
• Indoor Stockyard solutions are possible for volumes up to 200 000 ton
Max. rail span: 60 m
• Fully automatic operation is possible.

• The configurations we offer are:
– Single or double boom Portal Reclaimers
– Semi-Portal Reclaimer
– Side Scraper

These Reclaimers can be combined with a stacker creating a full storage system. AMECO stackers combine slewing, luffing and traveling movements to create piles with the less dust emission.

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AMECO Side Scraper for gypsum, USA
AMECO single boom Portal Reclaimer for coal, Morocco
AMECO Side Scraper for gypsum, Taiwan

Circular Stockyards

To create a buffer storage AMECO’s Circular Stockyard System offer the perfect solution when space is limited, and high reclaiming capacities are required.

Our Circular Stockyard solutions can be used for both indoor and outdoor applications. Typically they have the following features:

• The Stockyard is fed by a slewing stacker
• The material is stacked in a ring shaped pile, according to the cone forming process
• Reclaiming is achieved by a slewing scraper with double-strand chain that can be configured as either a portal reclaimer or a side scraper, semiportal
• The material is centrally discharged via a chute
• The storage is flexible: stacking and reclaiming can occur simultaneously
• Fully automatic operation is possible

Max. storage diameter: 120 m
Max. storage capacity: 180 000 ton
Max. stacking capacity: 4000 ton/h
Max. reclaiming capacity: 2000 ton/h

As part of our portfolio of Circular Stockyard Systems, we also offer Circular Bed Blending Storages. These allow for optimal blending or homogenization of the stored Bulk Material.

Homogenization of raw materials is important in many industrial processes. It namely ensures that the quality of the product is consistent. This, in turn, increases the efficiency of the production process in which the homogenized raw material is employed.

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AMECO Circular Portal Reclaimer with Stacker for sulphur; Abu Dhabi
AMECO Circular Homogenizing System
AMECO Circular Stacker Reclaimer for woodchips, Thailand


Shiploaders are machines for loading solid materials – in Bulk and/or in Bags – into ships for transportation by sea. They are one of our star products.

Nowadays, bulk carriers namely make up 15 to 17% of the world’s merchant fleets. Shiploaders provide the safest and most efficient way to load these carriers.

AMECO’s Shiploaders are designed to have the following main features:

• Travelling, slewing and luffing movements ensure each point of the ship can be reached
• Bulk loading capacity of up to 3 000 m3/h
• Bag loading capacity of up to 2 400 bags/h
• Loading of ship sizes up to 80 000 DWT

• Descending chute types:
For bulk: cascade chute, telescopic pipe with rotary banana chute / belt slinger / kick-in kick-out mechanism
For bags: telescopic pipe with spiral chute
• Simple operation possible in automatic mode, with a remote control
• Low dust and noise emissions
• Easy access and maintenance friendly design

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AMECO Shiploader for urea, Indonesia
AMECO Shiploader for urea, Qatar
AMECO Shiploader for coal, Norway

Rotary Scrapers for Prilling Towers

Fertilizers such as ammonium nitrate, urea and NPK are commonly manufactured as prills. Prills are formed by allowing drops of the melted prill substance to congeal or freeze in mid-air after being dripped from the top of a tall prilling tower.

AMECO’s Rotary Scrapers are designed to efficiently reclaim fertilizer prills from the bottom of Prilling Towers.

This type of Scraper is composed of a structural boom with scraping blades that is rotating around a central point.

Rotation is active by wears of slewing drive, designed as a dual drive system. This system ensures that the Scraper can continue to operate, even if one of the drives is on maintenance.

Following reclaiming, the material descends into a chute and is eventually discharged to a Belt Conveyor.

Depending on our customers’ requirements, AMECO can provide either flat or conical Rotary Scrapers.

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AMECO Conical Rotary Scraper for urea, Pakistan
AMECO Conical Rotary Scraper for urea, Pakistan
AMECO Rotary Scraper for Flat Prilling Tower, France


The Cement Industry, the Power Generation Industry and the Pulp and Paper Industry use Stackers to pile up Bulk Material on a Stockyard. AMECO Stackers either stack the longitudinal piles in a chevron or in a cone shell.

Traveling and luffing Stackers were designed to store Bulk products in longitudinal piles on one side or on both sides of a Stacking Yard Conveyor. Slewing Stackers are also available in order to create Circular Stockyards.

All AMECO Stackers are composed of:

  • a Tripper Car, transferring Bulk Material from the incoming Conveyor to the Stacker Boom
  • a Traveling Carriage attached to the Stacker Tripper
  • luffing and Slewing Stacker Boom.

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AMECO Stacker in indoor storage