Circular Storage Systems

The most economical automatic storage facility using a Stacker Reclaimer System in outdoor applications.

The Circular Storage System (CSS) is equiped with slewing and luffing Scraper arm as well as a slewing and luffing stacker boom. The Stacker and the Reclaimer are supported onto one central column which also supports the incoming Feeding Conveyor. This Circular Stockyard is used mostly in the Pulp and Paper industry or in the Power Generation Industry since it is optimizing the storage volume on a low surface of Stockyard.  The other major benefit of this Stockyard System lies in the fact that workers can easily monitor the operation from the center of the pile area.

Circular Stockyards allow the preservation of large quantities of Bulk Material in both outdoors and covered storages. Circular Stacker Reclaimer Systems are mostly used for large quantities of pulp (in paper mills) or for woodchips, but they can also be used for coal and/or any other Bulk Materials that can be left outdoors.

How does our Stockyard equipment work? AMECO‘s Circular Stockyards load an output Conveyor located below a central chute via an elevating trough, allowing the product to be lifted from the ground floor of the pile to the top of the chute.

This Circular Storage System is a quite simple machine but its cantilever booms length is limited due to the fact that its weight must be balanced using a counterweight installed on the back of the column. AMECO boom length for a Circular Storage System goes up to fifty-five meters, allowing thus a storage of 150,000 m3 of Bulk Material.

In late 2014, AMECO delivered a remarkable Circular Storage System for Siam Cellulose Ltd  in Wangsala, Kanchanaburi province, Thailand. You can read more about our Circular Stacker delivery hereunder in our reference projects.

Circular Portal and Semi Portal Stacker Reclaimers

The Circular Portal Scraper (CPS) is a Slewing Portal Reclaimer supported by a central column on one side and by a circular rail on the pile’s outskirts. It has been designed for indoors applications where the Reclaim Conveyor is underground. Due to the arm articulation between the primary and secondary reclaiming arm, this design suits high capacity needs and low building heights. Circular Portal Scrapers are used for handling many types of Bulk Material such as fertilizers, coal, sulphur, etc…

How do our machines work? AMECO’s Circular Portal Scraper loads a Reclaim Conveyor located below the central column via a centrally located chute. The reclaiming arm is supported by a Portal Reclaimer where the primary side is attached to a central column using a slewing ring without gear. The circular slewing movement is arranged using the secondary side traveling carriage of the Portal Reclaimer.

The arm length or span of this machine is limited due to the fact that the weight of this arm must be supported by the structure. A normal length for a Portal Reclaimer arm is usually around sixty five meters. For larger storage capacities, AMECO can install a product retaining wall at the outskirts of the pile.

Circular Homogenizing Stacker Reclaimer System

The Circular Homogenizing Stacker Reclaimer System (CHO) consists in stacking Bulk Material in one ring-shaped pile. The Circular Stacker is located on the centre column, allowing rotation and luffing motion hence building of chevron or cone shell method. Its height above the top of the pile is kept at a minimum distance to reduce dust emission.

The Reclaimer bridge rotates around the central column. Reclaiming Bulk Material such as woodchips, limestone or coal, takes place from the face of the pile by a harrow traveling on the Bridge Reclaimer. The sweeping movements of the harrow homogenizes the Bulk Material as well as causes the Bulk Material to slide on the pile base. It is then reclaimed to an Output Conveyor via the reclaiming arm located below the bridge structure.

AMECO’s Stockyard Systems reference projects