Reclaimers for Bulk Material Handling

AMECO Scraper Reclaimers are Bulk Material Handling equipment used in several industries in order to collect and redistribute Bulk Material from temporary storages constitued by stacks or piles. Reclaiming of Bulk Material is achieved by means of a Scraper arm long enough to reach across the Bulk pile. On this arm, a chain system equipped with blades or buckets is rotating continously. This way, the blades are scraping the surface of the pile and removing material from the pile into a Belt Conveyor. The different names and types of Reclaimers find their sources in the way the Reclaimer arm is mechanically supported.

Reclaimers are used in many different industries such as:

When large volumes of Bulk Material need to be temporary stored between individual plant process steps, AMECO’s Longitudinal Stockyards Solutions are the perfect solution. These systems can be used for both indoor and outdoor applications, and are the following:

  • Single or Double Boom Portal Reclaimers
  • Semi-Portal Reclaimers
  • Side Scrapers

AMECO Reclaimers can be combined with a Stacker, creating a full Storage System. Our Stackers also combine slewing, luffing and traveling movements to create piles with as least dust emission as possible.  AMECO machines can be specially adapted in order to be able to work with corrosive, abrasive or very humid materials.

Portal Scraper

Portal Scraper for gypsum

Portal Reclaimers have been historically the star product of AMECO since 1932. We have a strong knowledge in this type of Longitudinal Stockyard and our Reclaimers are handling a broad range of Bulk Materials, eg. woodchips, urea, ammonium nitrates, coal, gypsum, iron ores…

The Portal Scraper (just like the Semi-Portal Scraper), is usually used in a production line as Bulk Material buffer store. The store operates with stockpiles placed in line. While building up one pile, another pile is being reclaimed. We have more than 200 operating references working all around the world.

AMECO Portal Reclaimers can be installed inside or outside a storage building. For outside applications, a single boom Portal Reclaimer (PS1) is the normal choice. For this type of machine, the Scraper arm is long enough to reach accross the pile. For inside applications, double-boom Portal Reclaimers (PS2) provide the advantage of being more compact. For this type of Longitudinal Stockyard,  the highest point of the installation is the portal structure.

To achieve reclaiming the full pile width two arms are installed, linked together by an articulation. The power for the secondary arm is conveniently located inside the arm structure.

Semi-Portal Scraper

Semi-Portal Scraper for Gypsum, Electricité de France, Le Havre, France 

Semi-Portal Scrapers (SPS) are a variation of Portal Reclaimers where one of the portal travelling trucks is installed on the top of a retaining wall. This kind of machine is mainly used in power plants for materials like limestone, coal and gypsum.

The Semi-Portal Reclaimer offers the advantage of being very compact. Combining two of these Longitudinal Stockyards on the opposite sides of the same raiting wall, a storage for two different kind of Bulk Materials can be achieved inside the same building.

Side Scraper

Side Scraper for gypsum

The SS Side Scrapers are Traveling Scraper Reclaimers that were developed for outdoors applications, or applications where the owners were ready to sacrifice some building area for a less expensive and more easily operated machine. These Longitudinal Stockyards were also developed to enable large quantities of Bulk Material to be stored in outdoors storages or in buildings for preventing the products from being disturbed by atmospheric conditions, and where the materials would be cohesive and not flow freely, such as potash and its by-products. These machines were then used where potash was mined and transformed to become fertilizers, and where lignite and coal or limestone containing clay was mined.

AMECO Side Scrapers (SS) consists on an cantilever Scraper arm supported by a cable hoisting system, without the need of a supporting steel structure. This Scraper arm consists of a boom equipped with chains and blades for dragging the Bulk Material to a Belt Conveyor.

There are two types of SS Reclaimers one of which would reclaim the product to a Reclaiming Belt located alongside the pile below a loading lip bringing the product up from the ground level.

The other type is loading a Reclaim Conveyor located behind the Reclaimer which in this case is equipped with an elevating trough allowing the product to be lifted from the ground floor of the pile to above the Reclaim Conveyor. Both these machines are quite simple machines but their arm length is limited. This is due to the fact that the weight of this arm must be equilibrated using a counterweight installed on the back of the machine. A normal arm length limit is about thirty meters. For larger piles it could be decided to have a dead storage left at the end of the arm, or to install a product retaining wall alongside the pile length, or even to use two Reclaimers installed one at the opposite side of the other one. This last solution could be quite inadequate when the materials are not flowing freely.

Today, AMECO Side Scrapers are supplied worldwide: AMECO has successfully delivered Side Scrapers for gypsum to the Taiwan Power Company (Taipower), which is providing electricity to Taiwan and to off-shore islands of the Republic of China.

AMECO’s Reclaimers reference projects