AMECO Stacker for Limestone in Lebec, USA

Inspection Services keep AMECO Machines ticking

AMECO not only supplies bulk material handling equipment, we also perform regular inspections on our installations to ensure the safety and longevity of our machines. This in turn, reduces maintenance cost and prevents equipment failure.

Our Team of Engineers

Our supervision engineers are trained and experienced in all mechanicals and electrical aspects, and can provide complete refurbishments, preventative maintenance, and repairs.

Our Procedure

The general condition of the machine is checked including:

  1. Safety (switches and sensors)
  2. Movements (travelling, luffing, slewing, shuttling)
  3. Electrical (programmable logic controller (PLC), cabin, cable reel, junction box)
  4. Mechanical (conveyor, tripper car, arms)
  5. Critical Parts (motor, slewing ring)
  6. Lubrication

Our Availability

AMECO combines its first-class predictive maintenance and innovative revamping services with its superior product delivery and dedication to service Client’s needs.

AMECO’s maintenance teams are always available to our Clients for inspections of installed machines, and can often propose improvements that will benefit the daily operations of the plant.

When you require more than just maintenance, AMECO also sells made-to-order spare parts to ensure the machine is always in sound operational order.

For electrical parts, rigorous testing can be carried out on-site in Europe before delivery to the Client to save time, and ensure ease of installation.

In need of an inspection? Contact us at

AMECO Reclaimer for Bagasse in the Dominican Republic

AMECO Reclaimer Tackles Renewable Energy Resource Bagasse Challenge in the Dominican Republic

New reserves of fossil fuels are becoming increasingly harder to find leading the power generation industry to look for alternative fuel sources. Power plants that can use biomass as their feedstock, such as agricultural residues, herbaceous crops, wood crops, and forest residues, are thus becoming a solution.

The Dominican Republic has set out to tackle its fuel import dependency by investing in a renewable energy resource, which can help meet domestic energy demands while delivering socio-economic benefits.

AMECO has just installed a Reclaimer, currently in its final stages of commissioning at a 30MW biomass plant in the Dominican Republic. This is the first biomass plant connected to the country’s National Interconnected Electric System (SENI), which uses sugarcane bagasse as feedstock.

AMECO’s Reclaimer will be able to handle 70 tons of bagasse per hour allowing the power plant to offset more than 80,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions per year and meet certification for the United Nations Certified Emission Reductions (CERs).

Bagasse plays an important role in the rapid development and growth of the country’s internal and external markets.

AMECO – the Power of Know-How

AMECO test success: Rotary Scraper for urea prilling tower, Indonesia

Rotary Scraper for prilling tower PT Pupuk Sriwidjaja Palembang (Pusri), Indonesia

The new PT Pupuk Sriwidjaja Palembang (Pusri) Urea production plant will be equiped with an AMECO rotary scraper. AMECO has supplied and commisioned this equipment together with the EPC, a consortium between Toyo Engineering and Rekayasa. The prilling tower scraper works 24h/7d reclaiming the urea prills falling from the tower directly into a downstream conveyor. AMECO is the world leader in the supply of rotary scraper for urea granulation towers.

AMECO portal reclaimer for coal, Morocco

Single boom portal reclaimers (PS1) at Jorf Lasfar, Morocco

AMECO has successfully supplied two single boom portal reclaimers for handling coal at a rate of 1000 TPH to the Mitsui-Daewoo consortium. These two reclaimers are currently on operation on Jorf Lasfar Electricity Company’s new units 5 and 6 in Morocco, the biggest power plant of the country

Capacity: 1000 ton/h
Rail span: 60 000 mm

End customer: Jorf Lasfar Energy Company (JLEC)
Material handled: Coal
Industry: Power generation

AMECO portal reclaimer for woodchips, USA

Portal reclaimer (PS2) at Portsmouth, NH, USA

In 2006, AMECO delivered a portal reclaimer for woodchips to the Public Service of New Hamsphire (PSNH)’s “Northern Wood Power Project”.
The goal of this project was to permanently replace Schiller Station’s 50 MW coal-burning boiler with a state-of-the-art fluidized bed wood-burning boiler of the same capacity.
The AMECO portal reclaimer is fully computer-controlled and contributes to the storage of a 14-day fuel supply for the new boiler. We are very proud to have participated in this project.
In 2007, it was namely awarded with Power Magazine’s prestigious “Marmaduke Award” for excellence in operations and maintenance.

Capacity: 90 ton/h
Rail span: 117 ft

End customer : Public Service of New Hampshire (PSNH) – Schiller Station
Material handled : Woodchips
Industry : Power generation

AMECO Portal Reclaimer for gypsum

Portal reclaimer (PS2) for gypsum. Ghent, KT, USA

A new AMECO machine has entered in operation in Ghent CCR Transport plant in Kentucky (USA). This machine is a traveling portal reclaimer handling gypsum at a rate of 750 TPH. AMECO has supplied this machine to the EPC company in charge of this project, Kiewit, and consolidates with this its presence in the USA market. Capacity: 750 ton/h Rail span: 27 991 mm End customer: Kentucky Utilities (KU) Material handled: Gypsum Industry: Power generation