Our Services in Installation, Maintenance and Spare Parts


At AMECO, we not only seek to design, engineer and manufacture high-quality equipment for our Customers. We also aim to supply our Clients with excellent after-sales services, wherever they may be in the world.

Our service offering includes the following:


At our Customer’s request, we can supply an on-site supervisor to oversee, organise and coordinate the erection, commissioning, and start-up of AMEO supplied equipment by a third party contractor.

Our supervision engineers are trained and experienced in all mechanical aspects. Moreover, they understand electrical matters, control systems, and instrumentation.

Installation & Commissioning

If desired, we can perform the complete installation of our equipment, from unpacking to the handover.

Over the years, AMECO’s qualified technical team has built up an abundance of knowledge and experience, working on projects across the globe.

Once complete, AMECO can also carry out the commissioning of the installation. Our competent personnel are able to commission all key items. If required, third party specialists can be brought on site to ensure optimal performance of the machine.


Our multilingual team of inspectors and engineers perform these services, covering our Customers worldwide including:

  • Inspections
  • Refurbishments
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Repairs

AMECO advises yearly inspections to ensure the safety and longevity of our machines. This in turn, reduces maintenance costs and prevents equipment failure.

The general condition of the machine is checked including:

  1. Safety (switches and sensors),
  2. Movements (travelling, luffing, slewing, shuttling),
  3. Electrical (programmable logic controller (PLC), cabin, cable reel, junction box),
  4. Mechanical (conveyor, tripper car, arms),
  5. Critical Parts (motor, slewing ring),
  6. Lubrication.

AMECO combines its first-class predictive maintenance and innovative revamping services with its superior product delivery and dedication to service Client’s needs.

Supply of Spare Parts

We are able to take care of our Customers’ on-site and off-site spare parts management. AMECO supplies all critical parts for our machines including:

  • blades,
  • chains,
  • motors and motor reducers,
  • pillow blocks,
  • seals and bearings.

AMECO’s goal is to ensure Clients always have the right spare parts available, at not only the right, time and place, but at the right price. This will enable them to optimize maintenance time and cost keeping long-lead items in storage for emergency parts.